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Pro Wrestler's Heartbreak

Chapter One

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Pro Wrestler's Heartbreak
A rookie finds a championship and love....

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"So Lisa, how'd the kid do?"  It was the promoter Bob Kenney.  He strode the room like he owned the place.  Of course, the school district owned this gym.  Still, Kenney owned every room he walked into.  Kenney took over the promotion from his father who ran the business for 40 years.  Kenney grew up in the business and unlike Lisa, loved every minute of it. 

As a kid, he took every job his father handed out.  Ticket taker, popcorn seller, bell ringer.  He helped put up the ring and take it down.  He did everything he could outside the ring.  But his father wouldn't allow him to strap on the boots and get in the ring.  He could Ring Announce.  And in a pinch, referee.  But he wasn't allowed to be a wrestler.  His father knew his son was going to take over the business someday.  And the only way to protect the business was to stay out of the ring. 

In the ring you develop different relationships than you do outside the ring. Your lifestyle is different.  And then there is the pain.  That pain that every athlete feels after a big game, is ten time worse for the wrestler.  The pain clouds your mind.  And you need to do something to kill the pain.  So you drink or take pills or worse.  Once you take that path, you


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