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Pro Wrestler's Heartbreak

Chapter One

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Pro Wrestler's Heartbreak
A rookie finds a championship and love....

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He had trouble lifting his head from the floor. The remnants of stale beer and soda and the mixture of peanut shells, caramel popcorn, and cigarette butts made sure of that. His partner came down to ringside to check on him, but at that moment, Terra #2 did a suicide dive on the Trojan Warrior, who by day is The Greek's son.

Jimmy Jr. didn't take his father's ring name as many second generation wrestler's do. He intended to forge his own career. It didn't matter though. Doors were opened for him anyway that otherwise would not have, just because he was The Greek's son. He could do nothing about that.

Even though the bell had rung and a victor declared, the match was not over. The Trojan Warrior and his former partner Nike Jordan had feuded with the Terra for about six months before Nike was called to the big show. The Warrior without a partner would have been dropped to mid-card status because all the top singles wrestler's were involved in major programs that would culminate in the End of Summer Spectacular at the Fairgrounds. The State Fair always was the biggest draw of the year and the promoters felt the need to put on the best show possible. Without Pay-Per-View it was these events that helped indy fed's give a climactic ending to a long standing feud. Valley Pro Wrestling or VPW was no different.

Still weary from the chair shot, the kid tried to pick himself, again, up to his feet . This time the first Terra helped him along by pulling his Smoothie-Matted Hair. Terra #1 delivered a blow to the side of the head and was setting up for another one when the kid raked his eyes. The hesitation allowed the kid to hit a beautiful standing dropkick.

"Watch the damn tapes" The Greek repeated. That was the Greek's mantra. He knew that the Big Two didn't really put on the shows that they did in the old days. But he was certain that the only way to make it to the dance was to learn how to wreslte correctly. And the only way to learn to wrestle correctly was to learn from the masters.

Hours upon hours after enduring chair shots, chops, armdrags and bodyslams, the Greek's students would have to watch old tapes of himself and the many others who made pro wrestling their profession. The Greek organized his tapes based on how he schooled his wrestlers. First he taught his students each individual move: Wahoo McDaniel's Chop, Dusty Rhodes' Elbow Drop, Harley Race's Indian Deathlock, Ted Dibiase's Powerslam, Magnum T.A.'s Belly-to-Belly, Dynamite Kid's Snap Suplex, and so on and so on.

The kid thought about Jumpin' Jim Brunzell as the tips of his toes grazed Terra #1's chin.

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